Empowering Youth Through Creative Projects

SELF DISCOVERY THROUGH CREATIVE PROJECTS Youth need first hand, unplugged experiences of themselves.

Josh, committed to uplifting and inspiring others through creative engagement and self-expression.
Raised in Queensland, He now leads mindful art workshops in tertiary environments.
"I am honored to be a part of such a dynamic and uplifting program that helps young people come out of their shells and discover their core strengths and values."


Jamen, grew up in Taupo, New Zealand and graduated Wellington University of Victoria in music and film. Currently studying Primary teaching, he has a passion for fusing the arts with well-being. "Creative projects are a great way to get connected and understand each-other and ourselves. I feel the art we make always teaches and inspires in fresh and amazing ways." 

How it began

Big Space, Small Journies

Interviews with the Artjammers

Awesome Testimonial

Live Mural Projects

Film Making & Music Projects

We teach crafts such as 
T-shirt painting
superhero creating
plant inventing
ideal world imagining
 comic book making
mural painting
street art
and more!
making film clips
using youtube
short filmmaking
body percussion 
and more!
Script writing
not laughing
sound effects
plot twisting
posting to youtube
and more!


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Josh facilitated Pop Art Therapy workshops in our wellbeing space for students ‘The Bubble’ at Victoria University of Wellington. Josh designed bespoke workshops to align with the wellbeing needs of students.  Workshops were facilitated compassionately using hands-on art in ways that were both engaging and cathartic.

Jude West

Wellbeing Educator and Advisor.

"Josh got involved with a graffiti tour we run every year on a camp called 'Identify'. While we do this every year, and Josh was only involved this time, it was definitely the best we had particularly due to the immersive graffiti experience Josh created with the students."

EVan Morgan

Youth Worker

ARTJAM helped our school create a fantastic mural that has created life, color and fun to our playground. I'd highly recommend ARTJAM for any school or community group. Thanks ARTJAM!

Jenny Foulds

School Trustee

"It was great seeing Josh in action. Compassionate action. He's a natural with youth, as he's a natural at defying potential barriers between people.

He exudes empathy and acceptance and engages people as equals, purposefully and with keen interest in who they are, where they are coming from, where they are going and would like to go.

Josh's style is definitely flow, his art and his connection with people is flow, that's a natural fit with youth, they just shine in response."

Toncie Murat Wells

Youth Facilitator

"I was lucky to enjoy an ARTJAM workshop. I was warmly welcomed into the group, and got to experience a lovely and safe balance of depth and creative playfulness. I warmly recommend it!"

Anja Striepke

Art therapist (Clinical)

"On an Art Therapy retreat I organized, I invited Josh to be our Facilitator. He was a natural and charismatic communicator who, during his many workshops with our guests, has be able to inspire geuine, honest and creative responses from them. He was a passionate practitioner who really impressed us with his ability to connect with each and every person."

Isvari Kesavi 

Yoga instructor and event organizer
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